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Emsai ERP is a powerful software suite, an integated solution for company management. Our product is a complex software platform, highly configurable based on customer requirements and specification.

Emsai ERP Software Components:

  • Stock Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management (WMS)
  • Integrated Invoicing
  • Cash Management
  • CRM Module
  • Ticketing Module
  • Document Storage Engine
  • Native E-commerce Module
  • ERP Reports

In practice, our clients select the best configuration for their needs. Whatever your company specific workflow and requirements are, we are ready to fully meet them with our software.

Features & Characteristics:

  • Modern Cloud Software Solution
  • Optional Private Cloud and on-premises storage versions available
  • Responsive, beautiful interface
  • Mobile-first solution, works on any device (like desktop, tablets or smartphones)
  • Our Ultra-fast servers powered by the Emsai Platform ensure instant response based on our intelligent backend systems
  • Optimized application, works very fast even on slow connections, including mobile
  • Managed solution - Our instances are fully managed for you by our tech team, 24/7
  • Multiple versions and tiers: Small business, Medium Business & Warehousing, Corporate & Franchise versions
  • Our products have been developed over more than a decade, and tested in live usage since 2013
  • Additional languages can be implemented on request (we carry most languages used in EU and Western countries)
  • Our software is multi-everything, multi-user, multiple divisions, multiple currencies, multiple bank accounts, multiple inventories, multi-website ecommerce and more
  • User management with permisisons
Our software products have been designed from the beginning with key focus on security and performance, based on our proprietary Emsai Platform. This software technology enables us to provide powerful, fast, beautiful solutions to our users, fully flexible and able to adapt around their needs. Furthermore, we stay in constant alignment with the latest trends and evolution in software technology.

Unlike older desktop solutions (frequently found in fields like stock inventory for example) we offer a modern solution that has been written from the beginning as a native, fully integrated solution. In this line, we are quite unique in this niche. Instead of antiquated database systems or the usual makeshift solutions other provide by merely throwing pieces of software together in a pot, our modules and extensions have been developed from the very beginning in deep connection with each other.

No more risks of losing your integration or API provider - there is no such need with Emsai ERP since everything is included!
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