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Emsai ERP is a Free Cloud ERP Software solution, aimed at small to medium size businesses of all sorts. Our main goal is to empower businesses around the world with nice and easy-to-use software, quite powerful and flexible to help with managing their business.

There are many types of ERP software out there. Business management needs differ a lot from one business to another. This is why ERP software needs to be flexible and adjustable on user's needs. Our solution comes to solve a special set of needs that might not be covered by other flavors, or solved in a different manner.

Emsai ERP actually comes in 3 very different flavors, one being the free version presented here:

  • Free Cloud ERP - This is the product you are currently looking at. Here is a list of the nice features and advantages comprised in our free version. A few additional options are available for a small monthly fee.
  • Professional Cloud ERP - An upgrade over the Cloud ERP. As a professional user, you receive additional functionality and advantages for your account.
  • Emsai Enterprise ERP - This is the Enterprise version of our software, fully customized, aimed at power users. For this version, the database can be hosted on a private server as required by the customer. For a presentation of our Enterprise version, click here to contact us for a free presentation and quote.
We aim for simplicity with our products. We believe in a light, less cluttered user interface, beautiful and easy to use.

In order to sustain proper business usage for busy businesses today, we believe that the interface should offer minimal visual distraction to the user. This is why we always aim to keep things simple while offer all the power of a full-blown ERP product under the hood.

We also believe in speed. Our product is fast, and our users simply love this. We also aim to solve things in one click as much as possible.

The free version is supported via comprehensive online documentation. Paid users also receive access to our professional user support.

Please take a look at our Emsai ERP software features and advantages. Also If you have any suggestions for new features and improvements, we'll be glad to know!

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